Who is Hugh Forbes?

Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Style


The story of Hugh Forbes is that of a dreamer and adventurer, capturing the moments that matter most. Inspired by the timepieces that his grandfather wore, they were simple, elegant and had presence. So he decided to create a brand making premium timepieces available at reasonable prices

What is Our Mission?

To provide premium watches direct to consumer with a mission to create statement timepieces at affordable prices

What is Our Promise?

Our promise to you the consumer is to always provide quality products that will stand the test of time.

"One thing that is true no matter how you use your time is that it’s impossible to get back. It is impossible to retrace your own steps and experience something twice. Even if you do the same exact thing as the past, it’s not the same as the first time. The most exhilarating and terrifying aspect of time is that it all goes by without stopping or slowing. Make the most of what you do the first time around, so that your future is not full of regrets. Be a time master and do the things that are important in your life"


"Luxury watches without the luxury price tag"