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Time and The Time Keepers

  • by Hugh Forbes

One restriction limits everyone unconditionally, and people are always on the hunt for more. The drive to save time seems to be a universal aspect of the human condition. People feel the amount of hours in a day are too limiting for their ambitions. However, it is the definition of time that is one of the hardest puzzles to solve.

            Mankind has been trying forever to define a few elements of life that limit and surround us, give us purpose, and fill us with dread. Time can be as difficult to define as love, which lacks a solid definition as well. Time could be argued to be more of a subjective experience, and therefore impossible to define on a large scale. Many of the greatest minds in history have spent years dwelling on this definition, and wondering if the concept of time can ever be truly defined.

            Some people find time to be constricting and menacing factor of everyday life. Some people feel as if every single moment they are allowed must be cherished and celebrated. It is impossible to determine what the true nature of time is overall. It is also experienced differently by each individual, and therefore even if someone had the perfect definition for themselves, it may not ring true for others.

            Time does have parts that are easier to define when separate from one another. I am of course, referring to the past, present, and future. Time naturally divides itself into these three categories. The past is everything that occurred before this moment, this moment itself is the present, and time is expected to continue on, which is what we call the future. 

            We are aware of our past through our own memories, which assure us that definition of the past is something people can generally agree on. You can share memories with others which is comforting and reaffirming. The present can be solved with the famous quote from René Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”. This is inarguable, since to argue, you must exist. These two aspects of time are the easier of the three to define.

            The dictionary defines the future as “the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come”. This is the aspect in which dreams, plans, and schemes live and thrive within. In fact, to believe in the future is a consequence of hope and faith. There is no proof time will continue or stop, to keep going society must just assume that it will happen as we all expect.

            Many would agree that the worst thing you can do with your time is to waste it. Since there is a limit to how much time you have, you must work diligently to achieve anything within a reasonable time frame. Some people become so frozen by the idea of running out of time, that they waste the time that they do have on their concerns.

            If you waste time, you may end up losing an opportunity that was only available for a short while. Procrastinators and the disorganized fall victim to missed opportunities much more often than those who use time efficiently and effectively. These people are missing out on some great things, often due to poor time management skills. Time management is something that can be taught, so don’t worry too much! If you are one of the people who often misses deadlines, consider taking some of your time and resources to learn new time management skills. It will likely be worth the effort very quickly. You’ll start to realize just what it is that you were missing out on.

Those who make good use of time often are happy people, since so many opportunities become possible. The world opens up to the hardworking in a way that procrastinators wouldn’t believe. Just some small changes and you could be offered numerous awards for your work that you weren’t even aware of as a procrastinator. For example, you could impress your boss and have a promotion offered to you. Or you could simply find enough time in your schedule to truly relax, knowing everything pressing has been taken care of. That sort of peace of mind is hard to come by when you have a deadline looming over you.

One thing that is true no matter how you use your time is that it’s impossible to get back. It is impossible to retrace your own steps and experience something twice. Even if you do the same exact thing as the past, it’s not the same as the first time. The most exhilarating and terrifying aspect of time is that it all goes by without stopping or slowing. Make the most of what you do the first time around, so that your future is not full of regrets.

Time is hard to define, but we must ask ourselves, does it truly need a definition? Everyone knows what time is, even if they are unable to articulate their definition. The focus should dwell less on a rock solid definition. The very most important thing about time is not that it is understood, but that it is well utilized. Being efficient can open up a world of opportunities you were missing out on.

No matter how you choose to use your time, remember to take some time for the things you find most important in your life. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself to take care of your needs. Time may continue to move, but humans need rest and nourishment, so don’t disregard yourself in favor of working constantly. Managing your time well means enhancing your life experience. It bears repeating that opportunities open themselves up to people often, but you must have the time and resources to pursue a new opportunity. Take some time to get organized and assess how well you manage yourself. There is always room for improvement and you never know what chances may come your way once you know how to use your time to your advantage!    


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