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Here’s How to Start Your Own Adventure Today

  • by Hugh Forbes
Let’s face it: the 9-5 work life, 5-days per week, with a 2-day weekend, is anything but satisfying. As humans, we were meant to walk, run, jump, laugh, smile, and breathe in the air outside, taking in all of the sights and sounds around us. We are sensory creatures, which is why sitting in the same building, with the same artificial air day after day just doesn’t nourish our souls.

If you’re wanting more for yourself, like the start of an adventure, or just some freedom in your day to day, know that you are not alone. But, as someone so used to a schedule, how do you break free? Where do you begin?

Are you ready to journey into the great unknown? Here’s how to start your own adventure today.

Step 1: Reflect on Your Life Thus Far When you look back on all that you have done so far in life, what were the moments that made you the happiest? What were you doing in those moments? Traveling? Singing? Drawing? Really think about it. After you’ve identified where your source of happiness comes from, now it’s time to base your adventure on that innate passion.

Step 2: Create an Adventure Scale That is Right for You Too many times, people think they need to embark on some massive 2-year voyage in order to call it an adventure. An adventure can be anything to you! It can even be leaving the town you have lived in your whole life.

Adventure (n): An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity.

Anything that is unusual or exciting to you can be your very own adventure. Embrace it with open arms.

Step 3: Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone This is the hard part. That could either be public speaking, traveling alone, quitting your job, or maybe saying yes for the first time. In order for the adventure to begin, you have to push yourself outside of your safe space and allow the adventure to find you.

Step 4: Choose Positivity We have much more control over our mindsets than we realize. On your adventure, some things might not go according to plan. Prepare yourself for these setbacks and changes, and choose to see them in a positive light. If you fail, take it as a learning lesson. If you miscalculate, remember to smell the roses, even if you ended up in the wrong town.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Time Time is scarce, life is short, and memories are fleeting. Enjoy your time out on your adventure, measuring every minute with your new experiences that completely introduce you to a whole new world of thinking. Even if the smallest of activities occur in a day, still remember to smile. It’s the reason you’re alive!

Adventuring is priceless. Being able to tell time from your luxury timepiece along the way is practical. We’re simply here to support your travels. Won’t you let us?
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